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Host Excellence web hosting combines great features with service and reliability to make them a great value in web hosting. At only $6.97/mo, the Professional plan delivers 300 GB storage and 3000 GB bandwidth (THAT’S 3 TB!). A free domain registration is included and includes the ability to host 6 domains with a dedicated IP for each domain (6 in all). The Unlimited Business Plan allows you to host 16 domains and 16 dedicated IP’s and promises “unlimited” data storage and 4000 GB transfer/month. The plan includes two free domain registrations as well.

A subsidiary of Ecommerce Corporation, HostExcellence has been in the web hosting business for over 5 years. Unlike many of its competitors in the same price range who resell hosting from a third party, HostExcellence has developed its own service platforms, customer-oriented applications, and data centers.

With their service, reliablity, storage, and plans starting at $6.95/month, Host Excellence web hosting is an exceptional value that suits many individuals and small businesses desiring feature-rich plan with the ability to grow into more robust plans.

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