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An independent web hosting rating list of the price and features of the top web hosting companies. Each web hosting review ranks prices, features, reliability and service and provides web hosting company information to help you determine the best match for your web hosting requirements. All of the web hosting companies rated and reviewed would serve individuals, churces or companies well. All have 30 day money-back guarantees, high uptime, and scripting support. Each web host company offers unique plans that suit some customers better than others. Determine your needs and use the web hosting ratings to match your needs to the appropriate webhost company that meets them. Use the web hosting reviews to gather important background information about the reputation and strengths of each web host company. Whether you need small business web hosting, church web hosting, personal web hosting, web album web hosting, or online storage, these webhosting companies have proven reliability with outstanding service at the lowest prices available.

Host Price Storage Bandwidth Add-On
ICANNWholesale $2.26 10 GB Unlimited  – Yes!
Lunar Pages $4.95 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes! Yes!
ix Web Hosting $3.95 Unlimited1 Unlimited Unlimited Yes! Yes!
Host Excellence $3.95 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes! Yes!
1 “Unlimited” comes with terms. Read their Fair Use Policy for more information.

3 thoughts on “Web Hosting Ratings and Reviews”

  1. I heard of Gandi.net back in the days when they and triple0 were one of the lest expensive registrars. Gandi’s been around for a while, but I don’t believe I’ve ever registered a domain with them.

    I’m not here to bad mouth Gandi and get all nasty. I’m just here to share my experiece with a recent promotion Gandi was running. I submitted a few emails to their Customer Service department, and I received responses very quickly – within 12 hours – with what I believe to be a standard ‘canned’ response. Their response really didn’t satisfy my question, so thinking I didn’t make myself clear, I responded with a more clear & direct email. Since we exchanged a few emails within the day I figured this was a good sign. Now, I realize we’re only coming up on 24 hours, but since my last emails, I’ve yet to receive a response. I probably never will. Below is a slightly modified version of the email I sent them. I’m still waiting on a definitive answer to my questions because as far as I’m concerned, and as far as I know, we followed the proper procedures but couldn’t use the codes. Odd.

    Like many other fortunate individuals, providence was on my side when I received two valid promotion codes: One I was able to get myself, and another from my wife.
    Just so we’re clear:
    (1)I was not trying to generate new promotion codes at the time in question.
    (2)I already had promotion codes before Gandi stopped giving them out.

    According to the FAQ posted here (https://ten.gandi.net/faq), promotion codes distributed between March 1st through 5th must be dedeemed by March 31st. Below is an excerpt of that FAQ:
    “How do I use my promo code?
    Once you have your promo code, you have until March 31st to log into gandi.net and to choose the domain name of your choice. On the summary page of your order, you may enter the promo code. Once you have done this you will not need to pay for the domain in question.

    How long do I have to use my promo codes?
    All of the promo codes must be used between the 1st and the 31st of March 2010.”

    My wife & I attempted to use our promotion codes between 10PM and 1130PM Eastern Standard time on March 31st, which is before the deadline according to the FAQ above. However, on the summary page when we attempted to redeem the codes, the Gandi system reported we had invalid promotion codes.
    Is that normal?
    Should the codes have worked between 10PM and 1130PM Eastern Standard Time on March 31st?

    This situation is akin to someone visiting a store at 9PM that’s scheduled to close at 10PM, but upon their arrival, the store is already closed.
    Is that the way the Gandi.Net system and this promotion is supposed to work?

    Even though we already received promotion codes between March 1st and march 5th, and I attempted to redeem the codes between March 1st and March 31st, the Gandi system would not allow us to do so.
    Is that the appropriate and expected behavior?

    I asked them to please provide a response addressing the questions and of course, detailing where we went wrong so that we could be sure to follow the appropriate procedures in the future. Naturally, if they determined that there was a systemic malfunction that night, and we did follow the correct process & procedure, I expect they would reach out to me so that we can get this squared up.

    With so many positive reviews, I expected at least average or slightly better than average service. While this situation isn’t critical, it has had a negative impact on my view and personal opinion of Gandi.net.

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