VPS Web Hosting Ratings

An independent virtual private server web hosting rating list of the price and features of the top virtual private server web hosting companies. Each vps web hosting provider on the vps rating list allows you to compare the price and features.

VPS Host Price Space Transfer RAM
ICANNWholesale $34.95 10 GB 500 GB 256 MB
$54.85 20 GB 1000 GB 256 MB
$119.45 50 GB 2000 GB 512 MB
Lunar Pages $39.95 20 GB 1000 GB 512 MB
midPhase $49.95 15 GB 600 GB 256 MB
$69.95 25 GB 1000 GB 384 MB
Start Logic $29.95 20 GB 1000 GB 256 MB
$39.95 40 GB 1500 GB 512 MB
$49.95 60 GB 2000 GB 768 MB
InMotion $49.95 40 GB 500 GB 256 MB
$89.95 80 GB 1000 GB 512 MB
$169.95 160 GB 1500 GB 1024 MB

All of the vps web hosting companies are hosted on a platform and there are several vps hosting users on the same physical server. The RAM column refers to the amount of RAM that the VPS is guaranteed for use by the OS. All VPS solutions offer the ability to burst and tap into more resources than the RAM limit noted above. The RAM indicates the minimum amount of RAM that is always available to the virtual private server. All other rating criteria are self-explanatory.

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