Why Promote your Website?

So you built your website. Now what? Many people stop when they are less than halfway to the point of completing the real reason their site is built. Why put a site on the web if nobody will find it except you? So many create fantastic looking pages and nobody knows about them except the creator and a few friends. In fact, a site might be doomed to obscurity from the outset if key promotion criteria aren’t designed into the site up front and early. This category deals with a variety of concepts that are useful for all manner of sites and making them relevant so that they are found on the search engines by the audience that the website creator intends.

2 thoughts on “Why Promote your Website?”

  1. How can I improve my website with the promotional criteria and the useful concepts you are promoting.
    Would appreciate your comments
    Thank you,

    ZIedonis Paegle

  2. Given the simplicity of your site, you’re going to need to probably pay for exposure on PPC engines. It’s unlikely that people are going to naturally find your site and link to it from their own web site as it has the “feel” of an advertisement. Recommend you add more content, clean up the look a little bit, and make the site more useful in general. You need to do a lot more “pre-selling” of what you’re trying to get the visitor to desire.

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