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I have updated to run in WordPress. I had a large corpus of helpful articles on this site but lacked the time to update them as I would like. The intent of this site has always been to review Web products and provide guides to individuals and small businesses on how to build and promote their websites. I have expanded my vision by allowing others to register as new users to allow them to contribute articles in the various categories.

The categories are not meant to be exhaustive. If you would like to contribute a story in a category that is not listed then submit the story and place a note in the story body about the category you think ought to be created. You may also use the site’s contact form to suggest new categories. If you’ve got the acumen, I really want to flesh out the Web Hosting category to include more on Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated Server information. I also want to add more information on Internet Applications and include more tutorials, particularly on the use of HTML.

I will be moderating all new submissions to prevent spam and inappropriate articles. I will also edit for grammar or length as necessary. Any stories submitted will be attributed to the original author and author’s may place a signature at the bottom of the article that contains a link to their site. Links within the stories are otherwise prohibited unless they are germane to the content.

Please register for a new account today and help me turn this site into a more useful site for individuals, Churches, and small businesses.

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